• Tommy Ziolkowski

Rent an eBike

Updated: May 30, 2018

Boulder is known for its legendary cycling. If you aren't a cycling pro, an eBike will surely boost your confidence riding around town.

Rent a bike from one of the many bikes shops downtown Boulder (University Cycles or Full Cycle Bikes). They'll hook you up with maps of the best riding spots in town. If you're truly ambitious I recommend riding up Flagstaff Road.

Flagstaff Road is centrally located and easy to find. Just follow Baseline Road westward and you'll run straight up Flagstaff Road. The ride will take you 3.5 miles up as you climb over 1,000 ft. in elevation. Check your brakes on the way down as you'll encounter various hairpin turns that will make you feel like an F-16 pilot.

Boulder has done a tremendous job creating bike lanes around town. Instead hustling up Flagstaff Road, try strolling around the streets of Boulder. You'll be amazed by the historic architecture of the homes. Stop by the local coffee shops and bars to experience a Boulder buzz.

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